Lisa is a writer, podcast creator, and luxury candlemaker, whose practice is a testament to versatility.

The same unwavering commitment to growth and expansion is reflected across diverse themes, explored in her poetry. 

Lisa is also one of my best friends. She’s been right by my side for fifteen years. My sentimental heart wants to spill out every little time I’ve fallen deeper in love with the person that she is, but for now, I’ll let her woo you in her own words.

Your first poetry book (I’m smiling as I type this!) is being released so soon. I’ve had the honour of being apart of the process with you this year, and I know how much care has gone into it. Can you tell me though, what has been the most rewarding aspect of this project for you?

The most rewarding aspect has purely been making my words become a real-life book. Whatever happens next is up to the heavens. I feel so blessed in the ways that the book has already been an opportunity for me to connect with others. Creativity can be so confronting but is also so healing because it causes so much surrender. The growth of putting art into the world has been a gift for me too.

What I love most about your poetry is how relatable it is. I feel that it can be read through a lens of heartbreak or a lens of hope, or both. What kind of themes do you enjoy exploring most?

You pretty much exactly described my themes with your statement haha. Heartache, hope, and the mystical element of faith while in transition. I feel like if my poems were a movie, they would be an art house, romantic drama.

2020 has been confronting. How have you been looking after yourself while still staying engaged and educated?

I have been looking after myself by seeing a therapist and seeing friends regularly to process life and find relatability within this year's many challenges. I do think it is always very important to stay educated on world events but I am selective with my sources so can avoid fear as much as possible. My spiritual belief helps me to stay engaged with hope and see goodness in humanity and the big picture of life.

Do you have any muses?

I honestly try to find beauty in everyone and be inspired in an ever-evolving way but here are some current muses: Tess Guinery, Morgan Harper Nichols, Sarah Shabacon.

What are some of your favourite home rituals?

Burning candles, pottering about while listening to podcasts, cooking, moving decor and furniture around, staring out the window at the sky with a coffee.

Tell me something romantic.

The end of anything is a new and beautiful beginning of you. 

Instagram: @thelovecleansewithlisa

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